In recent years, the use of Ketamine has taken the world by surprise. Once a popular party drug, researchers have been seriously investigating the benefits of ketamine regarding how it helps treat depression. About 20 years ago, researchers first discovered that ketamine could help diminish depression symptoms in a matter of hours, which later led to the ideal of the ketamine brain reset.

When a person suffers from depression, they may feel a persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest. It may be hard for them to eat, function and sleep while avoiding participating in previously loved hobbies. Unfortunately, some people suffer from Treatment-Resistant Depression, and the typical antidepressants fail to treat the depression. Luckily, this is where ketamine has been able to make a difference.

How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine essentially works by resetting the brain. Neurons in the brain that are involved in mood use a neurotransmitter called “glutamate.” The neurotransmitter needs glutamate receptors to join the communication. However, in a depressed person, these glutamate receptors seem to be deactivated or not working anymore. The ketamine brain reset helps reset brain function so that the glutamate receptors turn back on or charge to life again. Thus, helping stabilize your mood.

How Much Ketamine Will I Need? 

The frequency of injections that you may need will depend on your level of depression and how well your brain responds to this treatment. A ketamine brain reset, when it works correctly, can help ward off feelings of depression, but scientists are still researching how long your depression could subside.

The Bottom Line

Ketamine is an outstanding treatment for depression. That said, we are still learning just how effective it may be. Ketamine has shown to be effective in 70% of patients who were suffering from depression. If you or someone you know has suffered from Treatment-Resistant Depression, then we urge you to reach out to a mental health professional about the possibility of trying ketamine injection therapy.

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