Setting goals can be an excellent way to get the things you want in life and achieve happiness. But for people suffering from common mental health problems like depression, it can sometimes be difficult to even get out of bed, let alone find and maintain the motivation to work towards their goals.

If you lack the intrinsic motivation to get the things you want in life, here are a few tips that can help you get (and stay) on track:

1. Make the Decision. The first step towards finding and maintaining motivation is to think of something—it could be something small—that you want to achieve and set that down as a goal.

2. Write it Down and Tell a Friend. By writing down this goal and telling people about it, it will move from being an abstract idea to something that feels more real.

3. Break Your Goal Down into Smaller Goals. Many goals that you set can feel daunting. By breaking down your goal into smaller bite-sized tasks, your goal will suddenly feel more achievable.

4. Talk to People When You Feel Stuck. Whatever the goal, you’re going to find yourself feeling stuck sometimes. When you start to feel yourself lacking the intrinsic motivation to move on, talk it out with as many people as possible. They may have some advice to help you stay on track and move forward.

5. Reward Yourself. Choose a reward for yourself when you achieve a goal. This can help spur along your motivation and make your pursuit of your goal feel more like fun than work.

Finding and maintaining the motivation to achieve your goals is often challenging. When you suffer from depression, anxiety, or another common mental health problem, it can become even more difficult.

If you find that your depression is making it too hard to achieve your goals, ketamine therapy may be one possible solution. This innovative treatment has proven highly effective at treating depression, even in cases that have shown to be resistant to other treatments in the past.


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