As you get older, your bones start to get more brittle. This means that accidents that were relatively harmless when you were younger are more likely to result in fractures now. In addition, once you’ve experienced a broken bone, it makes you more likely to suffer multiple fractures which can lead to chronic pain. Taking care of your bone health and learning effective pain management techniques are essential to alleviating any future pain.

Bone Fractures and Chronic Pain

Breaking a bone at any age can be painful, but it also opens you up to a greater risk of chronic pain throughout your life. Studies have shown that breaking a hip or another bone can make you twice as likely to experience a chronic condition. In addition, certain types of breaks, such as fragility fractures—broken bones that result from an everyday fall—put you at much greater risk for future fractures which can exacerbate a chronic condition. If you suffer from CRPS (complex pain regional syndrome) or another form of ongoing pain, it can have severe consequences for you later in life, including loss of mobility and steady deterioration of your bones.

Pain Management for Chronic Pain

Whether you suffer from osteoporosis or not, some deterioration of your bone structure is inevitable as you age. However, by modifying your diet to ensure you get enough calcium and vitamin D and continuing to work on balance and muscle strength throughout your life, you can help your bones stay as strong as possible.

If you do suffer from chronic pain, there are numerous options for pain management. Medication, ranging from over-the-counter drugs to stronger prescriptions, are one possibility. More intensive treatments such as nerve blocks or steroid injections are another option. Ketamine treatment, a safe and innovative therapy, can provide significant pain relief for up to 11 months at a time and is effective in treating various forms of chronic pain, including CRPS, arthritis, and more.

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