The warmer, breezy days of spring traditionally signal that it’s time to clean out the closet, make window panes shine, and clear the cobwebs out from behind the couch. Spring-cleaning is a ritual we humans take part in, and while having a sparkling house is usually the intention, spring-cleaning is great for your mental health, too.

Here are just a few of the reasons spring-cleaning is good for your mental health:

    • Find a sense of peace and control: Tackling projects around the home allow us to find a way to soothe ourselves out of a stressful state. Spring-cleaning can help you to feel a greater sense of control over your home and other parts of your life.
    • Alleviate depression with order: When you’re feeling depressed, an unorganized, cluttered space can make you feel even worse. Cleaning can help with your energy, and focus, and returning home to a peaceful place is known to be a mood booster.
    • Get an endorphin rush: Even seemingly small tasks like vacuuming or cleaning your windows can offer a rush of endorphins. Moving around your house offers some light exercise, and the pride you feel upon completing a task is great for your mental health.

As you put together a plan for spring-cleaning, remember to be easy with yourself. If something feels too overwhelming or stressful, let it go. Experts suggest tackling the biggest task first and moving through your list bit by bit. Each little accomplishment will offer a boost to your mental health.

Spring is also a perfect time to evaluate how your treatment options for any mental health issues are working. For example, considering ketamine for depression might seem like a useful option as you’re shaking off the dark days of winter. If you think trying ketamine infusion therapy might be right for you, book a consultation today to hear how we can help.

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